Friday, August 29, 2008

A Long Day

State of Brain: tired

Today I have been hard at work adding gift certificates to my main website. Don't look for it just yet. I didn't get it finished. Tomorrow, as Scarlet O'Hara was wont to say, is another day.

I look out of my PigPen windows and see the gentle grey of evening and there is a gentle breeze moving the limbs of the trees. It's warm without being muggy and it has rained so the dust has settled. A great time for a walk.

Except my DS (Darling Sister) is still at work and won't be home for a couple of hours. That's after my bedtime. DS is my younger sister and she is my caregiver. I am a lucky woman!

I've read some of the other blogs of some of the other CP (Crazy People) eagerly awaiting Sept. 1st. Will there be any let up of this anticipation? Will we go through this at the end of every month - just waiting for the next month's challenge? Will we still be energized at the end of this Project? Or, will we be exhausted and needing smelling salts as we fall supine onto our fainting couches?

Well, I am ready to stitch some beads to my nightie accidentally. Let's go.

No, I haven't got my 'stuff' organized. Right now my tools are in 2 different places and the tool and I want right now, of course, is in the other location. I am taking a class in wirework in September at the Toronto Oasis Bead Show so, I can't remember why, I've already divvied up my 'stuff.'

I need to get some - well, a lot - of paper filed away just so I can see my workbench/desk. Then, hopefully, my mind will rest. Until September 1st. Three more get ups. ooooooooooooh


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