Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beads Patterns Theme

Hiya, everybody. I read some of the greetings of fellow designers, artisans and felt terribly out of the loop.
What will my theme be? Do I need a theme? Can I wing it?
Well, inspiration comes from the oddest places. I was struck like lightning while sitting in the cancer clinic's waiting room (my sister, not me, and all seems well).
Jewellery of course!! I make and sell my own designs of jewellery.So that is my theme. The patterns will depend on the technique I'll be using.
Fortunately my sketches - made last night after we got home and before I could forget - are such that I can do stumpwork and beaded cross stitch or other stitch with beads, stringing, bead weaving, wirework. Lots of scope in just those few sketches.

Stumpwork - a style of embroidery popular in the 1800's. It is a raised embroidery technique where parts of the embroidery, like butterfly wings or strawberries, are embroidered on a wire framework and attached for a 3D affect.

People living in Australia have a stumpworking genius among them: Jane Nicholas. She has written several books on Stumpwork Embroidery and they are still available at Amazon.com. And her work is beautiful. Her artwork is well photographed and certainly helpful when figuring out how to do the stitches. Her instructions and artwork are detailed and moderately easy if you are a fairly competent embroiderer. Those of us who were born with a needle and thread in our hand will have no trouble following her instructions. You can design your own stumpwork pictures and use the elements Jane has given instructions for.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I now have my theme, and even some of the techniques I want to use. The patterns will come in the nick of time: especially as now I am so much more relaxed.
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