Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Today's Brain: Fuzzy

I made a buncha booboos yesterday. Poor ole Pam Truog graciously made changes to my account for which I am grateful. I promised to do better and, one day later, I seem to be managing.

But, in yesterday's post about I said I'd be using that blog to run my mouth and pictures re: bjp08. What I meant was that I would be over there with my early pictures until we can post them here. Does that make sense?

I've been sketching a LOT and am r'aring to get going. It might be helpful to organize my raw materials: the threads, wires, needles, pliers, rings, things, and even fliers. Oh, and somewhere in there I should review my stash of beads.

Is it any wonder that today's state of mind is fuzzy. My workroom, lovingly called the 'PigPen' is a Disaster Zone and my living room is a Construction Zone.
I think I'd best get busy tidying my PigPen - well, just a wee bit - and rearranging furniture so that when my floor man comes in, he can get to the end of the living room that needs doing.

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