Monday, January 12, 2009

Notes to Self - New Year New Stuff

My 2008 went out with a bang. I found a lot of stuff worthy of note: some is advertising me, and some is showing you some really pretty new stuff ~ not by me but I wish it were.

1. Jewellery Geeks : A place for jewellery makers of all sorts and using all kinds of media have banded together. I joined up and I am impressed with the kindness and generosity of its members. No matter how dumb you think your questions are, there are always people who can show you the ropes. I know this because I've asked some dumb questions.

~ self advertising: I've started a new group at Jewellery Geeks called Love Beads. It is a private group but so far nobody has been turned away. That is, as long as you are first a jewellery geek yourself. Send me a message telling me of your desire to join our ranks.~~

2. You really need to see this woman's work. DeMarie Rossi is a glass maker of considerable talent. She lives in California and is a Jewellery Geek ~ Glitzy Glass Studios. Her website is
This picture is of just one of her beads. Didn't I tell you she is gifted?! ====>>
3. I am working on a new format for my Glass Beads newsletter. SORRY, more stuff about me.
I am developing a magazine or ezine format which will give me a chance to showcase more artists.
4. Sorry. I've been looking at that marvellous pendant of DeMarie's and daydreaming and trying to calm the urge to do something beady.
5. I've been trying to Twitter about all kinds of stuff that I find. I'm now receiving tuition on social marketing from Mr. Tweet. S/he is my personal assistant and is with me to guide me to greater popularity.
By the way, #5 is about me, yes, but it also can help you a lot. Give Mr. Tweet an opportunity to help you; you won't be sorry.
6. Read the next post ~ it's about BJP and me.
And that's all I can think of right now.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Notes to Self - Social Marketing

Social Marketing: I don't know a lot about it but I am on a sharp learning curve.

I know you have to put your e-shoppe in order. Add all kinds of things for sale. And I've just added lots of new stuff to my Glass0Beads Etsy shoppe.

From there I know I have to blog about something unique or changed about the products in your shoppe. Like blogging about it.

And you do have 2 really good but different blogs. Right? Different like this example: Bauble Babble has notes about design and some patterns, too, while Glass0Beads is about the ideas I came up with for the BJP (Bead Journal Project) as well as bits and pieces. Like this entry. And the entries you are going to write about the new stuff at your e-shoppe.

Now I can go to my Twitter account. You don't have one? Get one at Twitter dot com. It's free and you can tell people about stuff you come across that you like. It doesn't matter what 'stuff' and it helps if you Tweet (who comes up with these names?) about other people's shoppes, not just your own. That is more important than you think: in cyberland the Golden Rule reigns. Make your tweets about others' more often than about yourself. There really is such a thing as Karma and Social Marketing is called 'Social' for no reason. Right? Of course, right.

Now, when you do twitter about yourself you have 3 separate entries: 1 for each of your 2 blogs and 1 for your e-shoppe.

Are you also writing articles about your specialty? Great! Blog about your articles and add a link to them from your blog. Now get twittering.

Have you got friends on the internet? Keep an eye on what they are doing. Every once in a while, like weekly maybe, and send them a twitter. The more twitters they get, the more solid is their reputation on their site, and the more likely they will sell something. Of course, they are doing the same thing for you. Right? Right!

And now you are marketing socially. It's also called Viral Marketing. It's also called 'word of mouth,' in the old school lingo.

Did you know? If somebody has a good experience with you they will tell 1 person on average. BUT, if they have a bad experience, they will tell an average of 7 people. That's because humans can be mean. So, do as your mama told you: 'if you have nothing pleasant to say, don't say anything at all.'

Just, twitter and blog and refer and ......

I'll learn about Tweets and CheapTweets and linking and newslettering and lots more, too. The only way to move when you don't know is up: you can't learn less than nothing.

Well, that's my opinion. Remember your social graces and happy marketing.
Helene ~ Glass0Beads