Monday, September 1, 2008

Worries and Frustrations Pt 2

Okay, laugh heartily. I am.
Good ole a2Susan and Shebaduhcat. They laid it out for me in very gentle terms. Thank you ladies.
So, here goes.

For September: I am working on a bracelet for my sister. She wants to visit Spain but, like all of us, the money isn't there yet. So she asked me to make her a Spain bracelet to wear when she goes shopping. Feeling it on her wrist is like a string on a finger: it will remind her that she has a choice - either purchase the perfect pair of shoes/purse/... OR use the money for a trip to Spain.

I am wrapping wood beads in embroidery floss in the colours she says puts her in mind of Spain. Deep reds, burnt orange, yellows and blues. Happiness for me, I like those colours so wrapping the beads is no problem.

Where will I be stretched? Putting all those wee floss wrapped wood beads in some kind of order to make an attractive bracelet. Do I make each wrapped bead hang from a chain, as on a charm bracelet?

No, I think I'll do something more structural to feed my need for layers of texture. And I need it to be on gold tone wire. Do I add a watch face? Maybe.

That's what I think. ...Glass0...

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