Thursday, September 4, 2008

Too Hot to Bead !!?

Can you BELIEVE I wrote that ?!? It has been a beautiful summer day today but as the afternoon wore on it became muggy. Then, after dark, it started to rain. And I was sitting under a work lamp that gives off a fair amount of heat. I had the fan on and my sister took pity on me and turned on the air as well. Still, I was getting very damp just sitting there.

However, I have been able to spend the night making my fingers hurt and discovering the pleasures? of memory wire and copper wire and beads. After almost 5 hours I took a closer look at the template I was trying to copy from memory a wire wrapping technique.

It was all in the attempt to educate myself in the ways of memory wire - I want to use it in my sister's Spain bracelet - my September project.
That bracelet has to be easy to put on and take off because it shouldn't get wet. The Spain Bracelet has wooden beads wrapped with embroidery floss and if the floss gets wet it will turn ratty right away. As it is, it's going to take a beating.
This afternoon we visited a hospital lottery dream home in Oakville. It was gigantic and, of course, professionally decorated. It had a pool table games room and a private media room and so many bathrooms that we would need a maid to look after it all. There was a huge kitchen and a butler's pantry.
Then we picked up some meds for me and other odds and ends. We wandered through Ikea, that was our mall crawl, and that got us to almost dinner time. My sister suggested Red Lobster and I had to remind her she wanted to go to Spain. Oh, yeah, we are also starting a way of life involving fewer calories (I refuse to call it a diet). All good reasons not to go to Red Lobster. Right?
Then I wavered.
We had a big salad and the fattest thing in the salad was cheese and the dressing (lo cal). Weren't we good girls?
The heart is black beads with copper wire - the technique source. All the others are purply beads - one of the new fall season colours ( along with mustard and royal blue ).
Are you getting mixed up with my conversation? It used to be called 'stream of conscious' writing - scribbling down whatever you were thinking regardless neither of the disparity nor of the order of the thoughts.
Well, Marg had to put the money she might have spent at Red Lobster into her 'Going to Spain' piggy bank.
And I am going to bed and turn on my fan.
Good night to each and every one of you Happy Beaders. ...Glass0 ...

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