Monday, November 10, 2008

Month - October Update

Well, it didn't happen yesterday: I got sidetracked by my inbox. I am finally down to the 40's in email. At this rate I am hoping to be done all of them by end of week.

Do you like it? It's the October addition to my artisan jewellery line.

Step 1 ~ A ladder stitch circle: on one end of a bugle add a seed bead and none at the other end. At that end bugle beads touch one another.

Step 2 ~ Add the middle line of seed beads using the brick stitch.

Step 3 ~ At each seed bead on the outer ring, add bugle, 1 seed, a bugle.

Step 4 ~ Connect each bugle triangle at the centre seed bead with seed bead, bugle, seed bead. This is the step that gives the spiral a three dimensional look. It looks like a ballerina's tutu, doesn't it.

Step 4 ~ Add a pin finding on the back. I'm not showing the backside of this pin because I don't like the way the pin looks. With all the prettiness on the front, it's a pity the pin backing looks so poorly. I will be changing the pin back.

Here is the pair of earrings I made to go with the brooch. It is a simple design: just 12 bugle beads joined using the ladder stitch with seed beads up one side using the brick stitch and a few beads at the top of each to join to the lever back earring findings.

I lean towards the clean lines of a pleat as opposed to the softer line of a flounce or ruffle. The brooch for October has a ruffle, that tutu effect, so I wanted the earrings to be less fancy. I have a fat face; vestiges of the 8 years I needed prednisone, and the last thing my chubby jaw needs is a ruffle nearby. I know you understand.

There. The pictures are a day late but they're here now. My October submission.

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  1. At first glance on my Blog Feed page, it looked like a thread crochet doily start!! :) All lacy and fileted :D Very cool.

    PS: I finally got your email out of my spammy box, and am working on the questions!

    !! :)

  2. I'm glad to get you back: spam should have stayed as a lunch meat.
    And thank you for your remarks, Caroll. It's a wonderful ego boost. Helene

  3. I really like the ladder stitch earrings! So lovely! You should try them in a rainbow design! I've never been one to try beadweaving (I tell everyone it uses a needle and I'm highly allergic to anything resembling sewing LOL). But honestly, I simply cannot work in anything that small. Love your designs.

  4. TeriB, you are the inspiration of my Inukshuk, Judie. I saw your jewellery laid out with a white vase - your judie is Judie Vase. And I went looking for something around the house that I wouldn't mind having in many of my photos. I like the artwork of our First Nations here in Canada and bit by bit I am adding to my collection. What better for my judie than something as so representative of Canada as an inukshuk.
    But you were the inspiration from which I started.