Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

It's true!! Christmas is Coming! FAST !!!
If you are anything like me, I hate to shop for Christmas gifts at this time of year. The weather is turning foul. Everybody forgets courtesy in the parking lots. Which are full to overflowing and some people have done some creative parking: putting their vehicles where there is no spot.
And in the malls and shops! It's just as bad. The temperature in the malls goes up as the numbers of people milling about increases. And we have our bulky parkas and car coats. And there are screaming children: that noise goes right through me and lands on my last nerve.

Again, if you are anything like me, you don't have the money to buy that special piece of jewellery or throw away on children's toys.
I have a solution.

Shop in the comfort of your own home. That cuts out the road rage, the hunting for non-existent parking spots, the pushing and shoving of the masses. It saves that last nerve from being frazzled.

I have some suggestions for people on your gift list.

Glass Bead Artisan Jewellery for the significant other in your life. And there is a new shop in town: the eSMArts Guild Gift Shoppe at Etsy offers more than artisan jewellery to tickle your fancy. There are children's clothes, quilts, all kinds of things. And it is dedicated to all things made by hand. By artists who are dedicated to their craft.
Doing your shopping at the eSmarts Team Shop has another benefit: each item is donated to the shoppe by the artisans of Etsy Social Marketing ARTisans Team and the proceeds of all sales are donated to a worthy cause. So you will be doing a good deed by shopping there. And that is a gift to your soul.
Go ahead. Treat yourself. You can shop at 3AM if you want. You can have your purchases mailed to your auntie or your granny if that is what you want. Just ask for details: everybody at the eSMArts Guild are awfully friendly and are quite approachable.
And they make some really beautiful items.


  1. thanks so much for plugging our wee gift shoppe. The eSMArts crew works tirelessly, and this benefit initiative is just another example of how wonderful our team truly is! All proceeds benefit worthy causes, so please consider a purchase from our team shop!
    ~Anna Lee

  2. Shopping online is the sanest choice. I would not go near a Black Friday sale. I actually prefer the after Xmas sales if I'm going for bargains anyway.

  3. Terrific post and thanks for letting people know about Esmarts at etsy. Hope people will stop and shop there as all proceeds go to worthy causes. Not only that, but you can make an offer on items in the shop too.

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